Product Registration

Welcome to Product Registration! We're thrilled to have you register your FACTORY GATE product. Right from the start, we want you to know that all customers who register within 30 days of purchase will have access to exclusive product support.

But here's the exciting part—submit a captivating video for a chance to earn up to $1,200 in Visa Gift Cards. Each month, the video with the highest number of combined likes during the preceding 12-month period will receive $100 Visa Gift Card.

Participation is a breeze: Just capture a video that creatively showcases a FACTORY GATE product in action. Click on below icons to see what others have submitted to us., and TikTok

Once your masterpiece is ready, submit it to us. Remember to exclude any personal information from your video.

Eligibility is broad: We welcome all who have purchased any FACTORY GATE products, regardless of where they were acquired.

Video Selection: FACTORY GATE will upload customer-submitted videos to channels on, YouTube, and TikTok The video with the highest number of combined likes among those not older than 12 months will be selected as the winner each month.

At the end of each month, the standout video will be acknowledged by FACTORY GATE, and the creator will receive a $100 gift card. Each video submission has a chance to win within the 12-month period from the uploaded month. FACTORY GATE will keep track of the engagement and eligibility of videos internally.

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